Dear Gimp,

I absolutely love the program I am just trying to figure something out. When I 
start a new project and I start editing the photo (i.e. drawing on it with the 
paintbrush) I encounter a problem when I try to select certain colors and 
delete. So lets say I have three colors in my image. I do a little drawing and 
editing on my image and then I want each separate color to be a separate layer. 
So I select two of the colors and delete them. Any things that isn't that third 
color or where the two colors I deleted used to be now has these "editing 
lines" is what I want to call them. You can see faint lines where I had made 
slight changes to the image with lets say the paintbrush. HOW DO I GET RID OF 
THOSE LINES? Some help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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