>i made a animated Gif (Gimp 2.8) but there is something wrong.
>i made an escalator with 2 persons on it, they move up the stairs in
>12 steps.
>i made 12 different .XCF's for every step one.
>Before converting to animated gif i make the XCF's 1 layer each.
>when i use the option FILTER > ANIMATION > OPTIMIZE (difference)
>the animated gif leaves black lines when the persons move (see picture
>attachment) the export file is very small so that's ok

Use Optimize (for GIF), not Optimize (Difference). Optimize (Difference) doesn't
take into account that GIF cannot do partial transparency (and neither can
Filters-Animation-Playback), so it's not really useful, unless maybe for
animated PNGs.

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