On 04 Jul 13 00:51 Ofnuts <ofn...@laposte.net> said:
> > i just noticed it did not happens in google chrome but the same 
> > gif shows the black lines in windows explorer  10 strange, and 
> > ofcourse i always openend the animated gif in explorer hihi, can 
> > you try it in explorer 10 if possible ?????
> Sorry, I quit Windows-ing several years ago, and it did a lot more 
> good to my health than quitting smoking :)
> Now, what kind of additional evidence do you need to start thinking 
> that perhaps this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Microsoft piece
> of software of yours could have a bug?

(I do still use Windows and) I agree that it is a bug in IE10. The gif
renders fine in IrfanView and all other browsers I have installed.

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