> Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2013 10:32:20 +0200
> From: g...@jbmd.com
> To: gimp-user-list@gnome.org
> Subject: [Gimp-user] gimp long opening after changing the settings
> Hello,
> I changed settings in GIMP program, specifically the path to the palletes.
> Right after that GIMP started opening many minutes. Then I changed the
> path to the original one (didnĀ“t help), then I uninstalled and installed
> and it is still taking for ages to open this program. I am desperate.
> Should I edit registry or what should I do?
> Thank you for any advice.
> pm

If we had a dollar for every time somebody thinks uninstalling/reinstalling 
will ever solve anything....

There seems to be an issue in GIMP 2.8.6 with plugins during its startup 
routine where it manually queries every plugin at every startup (instead of 
just checking for new/updated plugins like it should do).

-- Stratadrake
Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.

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