Am 13.07.2013 22:17, schrieb ArRaf:
Help me.
I am new at GIMP and installed the 2.8 today.
After I run it and create new, I can click on the tools, layer windows, and the
pattern and gradients normally(Like how I saw in online videos),
but I can't click on the image/canvas area in the main window.
I can click on the menu bar at the main window, but not the image.
I have tried all tools, but alas it doesn't affect the image.
...and it seems the cursor location at the lower left corner isn't updated.

Reminds me of when tablets aren't recognized, though i've never heard of it with the normal mousepointer. Try opening edit->input devices and check if "core pointer" can be found there; its mode should be set to "screen". Don't know if, but hope this helps.

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