>if you're using a tablet, there should be other entries in the menu as
>well, representing different parts of the tablet (stylus, eraser, 
>buttons, etc. ; though they may not be labeled as obviously). Try 
>setting the one for the stylus to "screen".
>Also, make sure you have used your tablet before starting gimp (for 
>example by using the stylus to launch gimp), or else it won't get 
>recognized by the program.

Ok, I've set them to screen, and I have restarted the program. The result is
still the same, still no respond from any kind of tools. Also, the cursor
location updates started messing up, and the cursor is blinking or some sort.
Retried this a few times, still showing the same result 

ArRaf (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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