On Mon, 2013-07-15 at 02:09 +0530, Sanjib Sikder wrote:
> I wish there is a solution for this problem :(

Sanjib, there probably is a soution.

But you will need to give more information.  The clone tool works for
most people, so it's something about your computer, or the version of
GIMP you are using, or some other software you are running.

For example, tell us...
. the exact version of GIMP, and exactly where you go it;
. what operating system -- e.g. 64-bit OS X 10.3.2 on a G5 Mac Tower
. it sounds like you might be using both a mouse and a tablet, is that
true? What tablet? Which drivers for the tablet and how were they
. how *exactly* do you start GIMP? I don't mean here, "I'm sitting at my
desk facing North, wearing Adidas training shoes with green socks
and...." but more, "I use the tablet pen to double-click on the GIMP
icon on the Windows 8 desktop" or, "I open a gnome-terminal window and
type "gimp&"...
. are there any error messages?
. Is there a sequence of steps we can try, first do this, then this next
thing..., that might show us the problem too?

Without this sort of detail I don't see how anyone can do any more than
guess, I'm afraid. The clone tool works fine here, but I don't have a
Wacom graphics tablet.


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