On 15.07.13 at 05:37 AM billlee wrote:
What am I doing wrong or missing??

The problem is that with the default settings there's no layer area
in that newly created, free space.

The easiest way is to
1. Go back before the Image/Canvas Size... step,
2. set the color you want to have in your horizontal space (for instance
white) as background color,
3. in Image/Canvas Size..., listbox 'Resize layers' choose 'All layers'.
I assumed you have only one layer. Otherwise another option except
'None' would be appropriate.
You save the Bucket Fill step to achieve the same and in future you
can start with step 2.

4. Optional: If you want to fill your space with a gradient or similar
use the Rectangle Select Tool or Fuzzy select tool, select the space
and fill the selection according to your needs.

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