I agree. 

There are a lot of good arguments for the new save functionality on this thread,
and I respect that some users may want the new functionality. However, I am a
long-time user of Gimp and I do not want this change.

For me, the  "new save" functionality is more hazardous than the "old save"

I was using the new Gimp today for editing single-layer PNG files. In this use
case, there is no data loss since I am saving a single layer in a lossless
format. The main problem is that, even after exporting, Gimp will ask if you
want to save on exit. Since this dialogue appears regardless of whether I have
exported my work, it is uninformative, and I have to click to close it every
time. This creates a hazard because, when I actually do forget to export my work
to PNG, I don't get any useful notice when I exit Gimp, and I lose my changes.
For now, I will be using an older version of Gimp that is safer for my use-case.

I would prefer the "old save" format and add a warning ( that is easily closed
with a keystroke or two ) if the save operation will cause loss of data. This
will result in less loss of work on average.

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