On Sat, Jul 20, 2013 at 5:03 AM, Joseph A. Nagy, Jr wrote:

>> In my experience any attempt to teach users good practices will be met
>> by a few snobbery accusations. Today it's you who issues them.
>> Tomorrow it will be someone else.
> It's not your job to teach us anything.

Oh it is :) No matter how much you personally resist. You might as
well tell us to stop producing the user manual -- after all, if we are
not allowed to teach you, then let's be consistent about that, eh? :)

> I understand that concept very well, what happened here though - while maybe
> an improvement for the professional - is a huge change in the workflow of
> many, many other users, all of which whom are being ignored or told to shut
> up and go away.

Nobody is being ignored on this list. And before you argue, I suggest
you check the definition of "ignore" in a dictionary again.

>> But here's an idea. If using GIMP makes you sulking and soar all the
>> time (and this is not the first time you are complaining about a
>> specific change), perhaps it's time for you to think why you want to
>> invest your time into this unhealthy "relationship"?
> No, it's not.

It is --- what? Your statement doesn't make sense grammatically. What
does it refer to?

> that permanently through some options. This new export/save workflow isn't
> really all that helpful (though it's not terrible, it's completely foreign
> to many long-time users, as people keep posting about it are saying).

Many? Do you have solid statistics confirming that? Howe many people
does ot take to be considered "many", exactly?

If there are e.g.15 unhappy people on the list, is that considered
"many" against tens or hundreds of thousands of users around the

> I've already invested many years into using The GIMP, my question to you is
> why should I learn something else?

Because you are obviously unhappy.

> Why is that so hard to understand?

The request for a preferences checkbox _is_ understood. And
respectfully rejected.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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