On 07/19/2013 06:03 PM, Joseph A. Nagy, Jr wrote:
It's not your job to teach us anything.
Very true. However, it is also not a developer's job to respond to every whim of every user. This is simply not possible.

When a specificworkflow structure proves unwieldy for reasons not necessarily understood by all users, itbecomes necessary to make revisions (perhaps in the user interface) to rectify this issue, even at the expense of losing (not "loosing", by the way) some users who are unwilling to adapt.

In the commercial world, losing customers is expensive. Yet the expense must be borne when such a problem is identified.

In the FOSS world, the cost appears as flame wars rather than dollars. In the FOSS world, the cost is borne in complaints, rather than dollars.

WIkipedia's solution to the flame war problem is to close all new edits. This unfortunately tends to limit productive discussion.

The GIMP developers solution appears to be to respond with impatience to new objections to old concerns. This also, unfortunately, tends to limit productive discussion - particularly when concerns earlier addressed (ad nauseum, in this case) are repeated without reviewing previous discussions.

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