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> What you're saying does make sense but is it really necessary? I mean is it 
> really THAT
> difficult to get accustomed to the new way of working? It's not even that big 
> of a change,
> IMO. Just a different option to click really.
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Part of the annoyance was recently stated by another user:  If your particular 
GIMP workflow (for whatever reason) has little to no need of XCF file storage, 
GIMP still bombards you with "Save changes?" dialogs every time you close an 
image after doing your work on it.  Even months or years after mentally 
adjusting to the Export command, this dialog persists and you learn to ignore 
it out of simple habit -- GIMP is crying wolf.  That is bad.

IMHO GIMP could benefit from re-instating the user preference that was "confirm 
closing of unsaved images", but not as it previously was.  The preference would 
still be enabled by default, but if it's disabled, then for a given image:
- If the image belongs to an XCF file, GIMP ignores the preference and always 
prompts for unsaved changes (saving them to the XCF file, of course).
- If there is no XCF file associated with the image (typical of 
import/export/overwrite type workflow), GIMP will only prompt to save changes 
if there are changes since the last export.  If there are none, GIMP will not 
prompt the user (crying wolf scenario).

I know I haven't thought out this one completely, but it would help eliminate a 
problem with how GIMP treats the non-XCF workflow, it would not affect 
XCF-based workflows, and would not affect the distinction between Save and 

-- Stratadrake
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