On 07/24/2013 06:39 AM, Velleyur Nott Siddharth Rao wrote:

    I usually import several image frames using the 'Open as layers' command. 
However, I notice that my layer are always ordered in the reverse manner. For 
instance, when I import 700 images as layers, image number 700 is assigned as 
layer 1 and image number 1 is assigned as layer 700. Is there a way for me to 
completely reverse this layer ordering?

As far as I can tell the stack order of the files loaded by "File/Open as Layers" is coherent with frames in animations.. if you have frames as individual files named/numbered after their sequence order, "open as layers" will load them in the right order for an animation (first image at the bottom). It is also coherent with the fact that one single file would be added at the top of the stack.
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