On Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 06:33:48PM +0200, alex_g wrote:
> Hi there, hope somebody can help me. Am making a brochure, use the pre-set A5
> print size. All great, but when converting the XCF file to PDF the fonts are 
> not
> represented correct and are drastically reduced in size.
> I tried the flattening option, but that takes a lot of resolution/sharpness 
> out
> of the file and makes it less fit for printing... Can anybody help??
> Thanks!
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First of all, don't use the GIMP for creating a brochure. Use a page
layout application. Scribus will do just nicely.

The proper tool for the job will make your life much easier. Just use
GIMP for images NOT layout.

Stephen, Toronto
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