This is a tangent related to the matter that the first time you do an export 
command from a GIMP session there is no practical difference between Ctrl+E 
(Export) and Shift+Ctrl+E (Export To).  Now, of course, the first time you do a 
Save command there is no difference between Ctrl+S (Save) and Shift+Ctrl+S 
(Save As) but this is not what makes the export shortcut an issue.

The saved filename is effectively kept between GIMP sessions.
The last-exported filename is not.

If you only ever do one export per GIMP session, you will never see any 
difference between Ctrl+E and Shift+Ctrl+E.  (Likewise, in an import/overwrite 
based workflow there is no difference between Ctrl+E and Shift+Ctrl+E either, 
because Overwrite is not the same command or shortcut as Export.)

So the suggestion here is that when you save your XCF file, the file should 
record a block of data for the last used export filename and its associated 
options.  If you have a workflow where you regularly export to the same target 
filename (but generally only once per GIMP session) this would be an 
improvement over the current behavior because GIMP then does not have to keep 
confirming that you're overwriting a file that exists or keep prompting you for 
export options.

-- Stratadrake
Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.
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