On 03.08.13 at 00:44 AM, Sumdag wrote:
It's the first time I check GIMP's source code and I've been trying to find the
file(s) where the layers blending mode formulas are coded.
To find the formulas and behaviour described you can also check

You will probably have no luck if you look in GIMP for the blending
modes. They are already ported to GEGL, so you will have more success
looking in the GEGL sources.
You find the GEGL API documentation at http://gegl.org/operations.html.
The section 'Compositors' is your friend ;-)

The GIMP version I
have right now is 2.8.2 (the git version of gegl didn't compile here).
Make sure, you have all necessary tools and dependencies installed.
See also our developer wiki for more information:

To discuss development related questions, feel free to join the
Gimp-developer or Gegl-developer mailing lists.

Good luck + kind regards,


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