>I know python and I know scheme (and a lot of other languages, if that
>matters). Granted, I don't know the scheme dialect used by gimp.
>I'd rather use any lisp dialect in favour of python. I started to
>python, but I broke, since I just can't get used to python's lambda's.
>Due to
>the indentation syntax, defining lambda's seems to be very ambiguous
>to me.
>OTOH, I'd probably never need lambdas for picture manipulation 8-)

I'm a Python programmer by trade, and I develop my scripts in Script-Fu. It has
numerous advantages over Python, such as being truly dynamic (you can refresh
your scripts without restarting GIMP), better console (Python's indentation is
hell), and like you noticed it has real lambdas. The scheme interpreter used by
GIMP also has macros, which can be used to eliminate repetitive code. Script-Fu
API is also more consistent than Python's (almost everything is an integer, and
all gimp library functions return a list of return values), so Procedure Browser
is also a complete documentation of the library.

Granted, it would be nice if GIMP included a more powerful Lisp (such as ECL,
Embeddable Common Lisp), but Script-Fu's Tinyscheme is surprisingly fun to
program in.

Grue (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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