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Script-Fu API is also more consistent than Python's (almost everything is
an integer, and all gimp library functions return a list of return
values), so Procedure Browser is also a complete documentation of the

There are a couple of minor points one has to keep in mind when reading the information provided by the PDB while working on SF scripts. Apart from that, the procedure browser does provide a (mostly?) complete documentation of the library.

Granted, it would be nice if GIMP included a more powerful Lisp (such as
ECL, Embeddable Common Lisp), but Script-Fu's Tinyscheme is surprisingly
fun to program in.

There have been discussions where people have said GIMP should use a more complete Scheme implementation. Guile was mentioned in particular in those discussions. SF has tried to stay small by using a small Scheme interpreter. It let's you automate tasks in GIMP and you can do some reasonably complex tasks. However, it does have its limitations and there are times when a more full featured programming language is useful. To that end, there other language bindings available one can use.



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