On 13-08-05 03:11 PM, spiderman wrote:
I'm new at GIMP scripting. My task is to do a batch processing over an folder
with images. I want to add an alpha layer to every image (png).
The alpha layer is from a static second image (bmp).

I had to add an alpha mask to 22 images. I just used ImageMagick as it was easy to do that way and saved the need to write a script. I've only looked briefly at your script. Nothing obvious jumps out at me. I'd look at the return values from the function calls. Some operations can change the ID's of layers or drawables and you need to use the new ID's for later operations.

I don't see why you used file globbing to get the alpha mask image. BTW, you can combine car and cadr in to one operation. In Script-Fu scripts you can have up to four letters between c and r for things like car, cadr, up all variations from caaaar to cddddr.



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