The sheer arrogance of the developers is astonishing. Essentially the attitude
is that if you don't like the mindless changes they've made then you're simply
not part of the target audience. Apparently GIMP is aimed at professionals.
Fine, but that *isn't* the main user base, intended or not.

The Save menu has behaved in a certain way since the year dot... now it's been
changed on the assumption that most people use multi-layered XCF images. They
don't. *Most* people use GIMP to edit a photo. Again, these people are not the
intended "Professional" audience, but there you have it.

I open images. I "export" them to JPG (despite the fact they were loaded from
JPG in the first place...) and am then told "You have unsaved changes" when I
try to quit. I don't have unsaved changes at all. I have saved them, possibly
even over the original JPG image. There are no unsaved changes - all that's
happened is that developer arrogance has increased my workflow.

Such a shame. I guess you will eventually end up with the solely professional
user base you crave. And you're too stubborn to even provide the correct
behaviour as an alternative for those of us who have been using GIMP a certain
way for 10+ years.

The best thing that can happen to GIMP now is that the current developers all
experience some sort of programming-related long term memory loss and the
project can be taken over by people who care about what users think.

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