Hi All

I'm much more of a "lurker" on this list than a contributor.  I have
resisted throwing out comments in regards to users complaints about the
change in how GIMP safes files.  Today I decided to vocalize.

I have used gimp since before the version 1 release, (on OSF/1 in those
days) .I've used it more in the last few years than I ever have.  These
days I use it daily. - GIMP is my Friend! - I love it.

It did take a bit of re-training of a habit to use 'export' instead of
'save' to save my prefered format (JPG).  I don't see it as a problem at
all to use it this way, in fact I think it's a good thing to save .XCF
files to further enhance my use of GIMP.

I admire the programmers and feel sadness when users bash them calling them
arrogant. Although, coming from a system administrator background I've more
often than not thought of all programmers being arrogant ;-)
None-the-less;  I do understand the qualms of users who find it difficult
to change their habits. Users don't like changes, and software is always
changing, (hopefully always for the better!).

Thank you for GIMP.   I use it for photos.  I love taking photos, I feel a
great escape when I take a photo, and GIMP further enhances that escape.


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