This thread is like a wound that won't heal - I keep picking the scab even
though I know I should just let it be.....

For me, it seems that there are well-established precedents for this type of
situation, and in general it would be better to follow precedent where
reasonable. It's generally better when tools behave the way you expect.

In the spreadsheet example above, it's absolutely true that if you open a csv,
add some fomulas, and save as a csv you will lose the formulas. Pretty good
analogy to the topic at hand.

The spreadsheets that I'm familiar with all do the same basic thing in this

1: They default to saving the file in the same format to the same file name as
you opened in the first place
2: They warn you that if you accept this default behavior, you may lose some

OO also gives you the option to have it remind you every time or not.

>From my outsider perspective, that seems like a clean, simple, and logical
approach that would avoid unwanted data loss and conform more closely with the
de facto standard for this situation. Seems obvious to me, and it's baffling
that this has become such a shouting match. Didn't have to be that way.

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