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> A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a similar behavior in MS Word
> 2010.  I had created a document that I wanted to save as a PDF file.
> I used the "Save As" function to do so.  The PDF file got saved and
> Adobe Reader was opened to show me the PDF file was properly
> created.  Cool. So, being happy with my new PDF file, I closed the
> Word window because I was "done" with my task (mission
> accomplished!).  Low and behold, Word informed me I had "unsaved
> changes" and offered me the chance to save them.  At first, I was
> surprised since I had _just_ saved the document to PDF format.  Then,
> the light bulb went off.
> What I learned was this:  Word was prompting me to save the "unsaved
> changes" because I had not, yet, saved my document in a file which
> Word could readily open for edit such that I could resume my
> editing.  When I saved another test document in OpenDocument format
> and closed the Word window, Word did _not_ prompt me to save the
> "unsaved changes" because Word considers "OpenDocument" files to be
> "editable" where the PDF file isn't.

This example is not always similar to all situations in GIMP. One of
current scenario in GIMP is this: I take an existing .png or .jpg
picture with a company logo or a happy/interesting face of one of my
friends, crop the part of interest in square aspect ratio, scale down
to 106x106 pixels as this is the native resolution I need for Contacts,
maybe sharpen a bit, export as .png.

Fine. At closing GIMP asks me "save the canges to image ?". Hmm. Save
what ? The original picture is already ruined from its perspective, so
what would be the benefit in save it as .xcf ? The exported .png is
more or less lossless and further lossless editable, assuming the
original was flat anyway and especially if the orignal was still .png.

What realy misses here is some "intelligent" way in determining the
oportunity of the "save the changes to image ?" dialog. This dialog (or
the lack of an option to getting rid of it) that pops up in obvious
useless situations is the annoying one, *not* the export thing.


Cristian Secară
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