On 08/10/2013 03:37 PM, Richard Gitschlag wrote:

I can agree with you here.

- No changes have been made since the last export command, and:
- The current image has no XCF file associated with it

Then IMHO this is a scenario where suppressing the "Save changes?" prompt can 
be quite useful for the user, because in this context the exported file IS what they want 
'saved' to disk.

On the contrary, this is the dangerous situation...
- load file
- create complicated selection/path to update part of the image
- update that part
- export image
- quit (and throw the selection away...).

IMHO the only safe case is when the image has one singe layer without mask, no channels, no paths, no selections.

GIMP constantly asking the user to "Save changes?" in a non-XCF workflow can 
make the user ignore it out of habit (i.e. crying wolf), which is a dangerous behavior to 

On a side note, I would love to see an option for rescaling the image at export 
time (like with Inkscape's Export).  I have a 150dpi scanned drawing with an 
XCF copy behind it, but when I want to export a Web-resolution (60-90 dpi) JPG 
of it, manually rescaling the image means I run the risk of 'ruining' my 
high-resolution workfile because it counts as a change to the image.  (This 
actually happened just the other day, fortunately I wasn't closing GIMP at the 
time so I could merely Undo the changes and then save it at the proper 

This is something I can relate to... but then after downscaling a little bit of re-sharpening is often useful, so your save dialog would get complicated. The good solution is to work from a copy "Image/Duplicate" or Ctrl-D.

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