On Mon, 12 Aug 2013 08:56:22 -0700, Richard Gitschlag wrote:

> Speaking of Excel, Excel has really weird cut-and-paste behavior compared to 
> every other app I know; the Cut command doesn't actually remove anything from 
> the document or place it on the clipboard, it just marks it with marching 
> ants (distinct from the normal click-and-drag selection) and only when you 
> hit the Paste command does it actually cut/paste.  A side effect is that you 
> can only do one paste per cut (unlike with copy/paste).

Everything clipboard-related is pretty broken in Excel. The copied content
is lost if you type something (but here's something funny: if you copy,
then paste, then type something, the copied content is lost; however, if
you then undo twice - undoing both the typing and the pasting, you can then
paste again).

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