On 08/11/13 08:41, Richard Gitschlag wrote:
On the contrary, this is the dangerous situation... - load file -
create complicated selection/path to update part of the image -
update that part - export image - quit (and throw the selection

IMHO the only safe case is when the image has one singe layer
without mask, no channels, no paths, no selections.

GIMP is the only application I know of where the selection mask is
considered actual document content (rather than an interface entity
used for manipulating document content).  That was a very
workflow-breaking issue to come to terms with, and actually much more
so than Save vs. Export.

I had meant to send this on-list yesterday...didn't realize my error
until Richard replied off-list.

Don't forget the 'floating selection' layer that prevents you from
editing any other layer in the image. Excessively frustrating when
you're looking to use one particular image in a variety of ways. That plus the new save vs. export is very workflow breaking.

Reference Image: http://www.joseph-a-nagy-jr.us/images/other/01.bitsale.xcf

The stylized 'B' is the one I'm talking about. I just copy/paste and scale as needed but I cannot work on anything else until I anchor it. Very frustrating when I want to adjust something underneath to match it while it is still a separate layer (and I would like to keep it a separate layer, too).

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