Hi All.

I am looking to use Gimp to do a very large drawing for print. I was
using MyPaint but for this particular drawing Gimp will do the job much
better not to mention the CPU resource the .ora format overuses every
time I try to use it in other software &  not to mention the file itself
is pretty huge to begin with. Anyway I have my drawing tablet working
but Gimp only utilises half of the drawing area vertically and about 85%
of the drawing area horizontally. My current workaround this is to use
excessive panning. I use Gimp 2.6 on Ubuntu 10.10 ( I know its an old
version but I have way too much software  and not enough data in the
month to do an complete OS install).  Is the problem something that can
be fixed in a file somewhere or is an upgrade an absolute must in this

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