Kevin Brubeck Unhammer wrote:

> Say you've zoomed in to start this painstaking freehand selection
> with lots and lots of points, and when you get to the end, nothing
> gets selected. Then you notice that, once again, you had done a
> Select All some time ago (invisible because you zoomed in) and
> forgotten to Select None before clicking the lasso.
> What do people do to avoid this? (I know the obvious answer is
> "remember to check what your selection is all the time", but that's
> seriously flow-disruptive.)
> Ideally GIMP could blink the image or something when you add
> selection points that don't increase/decrease the already selected
> area, but I guess that might take some time to implement.
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I have more problems with forgetting I turned off the visibility and trying to run a function or plugin and getting all types of weird behavior. I would love to see a simple indicator somewhere like the status bar that is a visual and not text to show if it's active. Just use the selection icon and gray it out when it's not active.

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