>I've ran Zone Alarm and it shouldn't be interfering with The GIMP 
>starting up (especially since, afaik, The GIMP doesn't need the
>to work).

Well the issue is academic now as, once GIMP ran and I tried it, it got
uninstalled asap. Originally installed because a 'photo magazine described it as
'the closest thing to Photoshop you'll find'. I guess the reviewer was taking
some substance or alcohol...! I often find that these open-source applications
attract a certain type of geek who are more interested in the development of
software rather than the practical use of the program to the end user. As an
'end user' I rate GIMP as next to useless.

The banner at the bottom of the GIMP webpage reads ' Why pay for Photo Editing
Software?' Why, because the 'end user'  wants something that works properly and
has an intuitive GUI. As far as I can see GIMP falls-over in both respects.

I shall use Lightroom 5. I pay, but I'm happy.

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