>I would really be interested in why you think GIMP is 'useless'.

Well mainly because it won't load my Nikon RAW files. 
My impression is that it's aimed, not at 'photo editing but rather bitmap
graphics. See the comment about 'webcomic' on the thread.
But this aside I was disappointed given the comment in the multi-page feature in
What Digital Camera magazine that seemed to imply that it was a comparable
product to Photoshop.

I was a bit unkind about geeks and open-source applications. I use OpenOffice
and I'm very pleased with it. But OpenOpffice, unlike GIMP, does provide a
professional 'Office' look-alike experience. And I think that is what I was
hoping for with GIMP, but didn't get. OK, not 'useless', but of no use to me, is
a more accurate comment.

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