>There is no routine way to "fill in the blank spaces." You would have
>to pick an
>acceptable fill color and live with the little triangles, or
>crop the image to a rectangle containing only real picture elements.
>Or you could apply your painting/drawing skill to fill in the
>Your picture is reasonably rotated - however, the edges have been
>cropped to the
>"canvas" - the rectangle containing the original image.
>In order to keep all the detail in the picture, you would have had to
>Canvas to Layers" - a selection under the "Image" tab.
>Have fun, and keep exploring.
>   -- Burnie

OK, thank you.  I need to understand the "Fit Canvas to Layers" feature better. 
I read the documentation here

So I guess I need to do this:
1. Create a new layer
2. Rotate the image
3. Execute the "Fit Canvas to Layers"

I have to play with it to understand what I'm doing....!

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