> * Mike Armistead <m...@mikearmistead.com> [08-22-13 11:24]:
I have downloaded several iterations of Gimp 2.8, now up to 2.8.6, and
all I get is a blank screen with the menu bar at the top (and the Gimp
logo in the background). I don't see any of the toolbars or control
panels that all tutorials show as being part of Gimp 2.8. The only
toolbar I can pull up is the tall narrow one under tools that just has
the basic functions of older versions of Gimp. Am I doing something
wrong or is there some kind of block on my computer? I'm using Windows 7
64-bit OS. I also have Adaptable Gimp 2.6.10 on my computer - could that
be interfering with anything?
> Anything is possible, expecially in
windows environment. What exactly is
> "Adaptable Gimp" as that name is
foriegn, gimp is gimp.
> First thing I would try is *completely*
removing "Adaptable Gimp",
> including its personal configuration files.
Remove *all* of gimp also.
> Then reinstall gimp and see what you
> gud luk,

Before that, try hitting "Tab" (hides/shows all
active docks) or adding in the control panels from "windows->dockable
dialogs (or similar, don't have a gimp around here)" 

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