On 08/27/2013 07:02 AM, David Grant wrote:
Can Gimp superimpose text in landscape orientation on photo?
If you have a text page (possibly a pdf) you want superimposed, you first have to remove the (most likely white) background and sharpen the (probably black) text a bit. Then you will have to resize the text so it fits on the photo where you want it to be.

So --

Open the photo in gimp
Under the Open men pick "Open as layers" and select the text page.
You now have two layers, the text page on top of the photo, and within the boundaries of the text page the photo is not visible. Make sure the text page is the active layer, then select by color the white background of the text page. Now the photo will show through.

Adjust the range the the selection. Play with it. Maybe change the color of the text.

When you're happy, export the result. Save the xcf file in case you want to do more with it.

 Have fun.

  -- Burnie
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