Its not 100% clear what you mean.  If you mean deleting a text layer in an 
existing xcf file..then yes...

If however you expect to open an existing jpeg, bmp, png, etc... file and have 
gimp figure out what is and is not "text" content and then do something 
intelligent. ..yea..your would be better off asking for lighting to strike you 
at the presice moment your read this email... some degree(ie..based upon the specifics in the image as well as 
the users skill) this can already be done in a number of ways..but always 
requiring some effort put into it...  Of course...there is also the assumption 
that you as the editor of the image have a right to acutally edit said 
image(and generally "you" would have been the person to put such text there in 
the first place...)

-------- Original message --------
From: anu nivas <> 
Date: 2013/08/27  13:34  (GMT-05:00) 
Subject: [Gimp-user] is it possible for the eraser tool to wipe out only
  text and leave the background as before 

If the eraser tool does not perform the above function, how should I make a
feature request?

Thank you
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