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I. Would-be Satisfied User Question                                             
II. System Feature Access Change Request | Recommendation, for GIMP SMEs and
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Maddening | Urgent Help Request:                                                
I. Apparent is no navigational work-around for a lost, deleted (or simply no
included/provided) Layer Opacity access feature ... at least in my version of
GIMP v. 2.8.6; ie, I cannot locate among the application's Primary tabs any
tab/sub-tab/path/palette link/hot button/menu/sub-menu/relevant-other-tab/data
entry field prompt | window/mini-portal, to a much desired
{ASIDE 1 of 2: albeit often one such Layer Opacity tool is readily referenced in
several of the extant online tutorials .... as a "given", and it is, too, often
depicted, replete with a supporting screenshot, no less: so the feature must
exist .... perhaps commanded by hidden access privilege(s) somehow, somewhere
within GIMP ... for some users, at least ;-)}:
GIMP | GUI & Other Layer Opacity Access Priority Change Recommendations:        
Primary Layer tab's, anticipated, Layer Opacity tool/option
tab/sub-tab/path/palette link/hot button/menu/sub-menu/relevant-other-tab/data
entry field prompt | window/mini-portal or the like access point(s) is not
Its (such a Layer Opacity tool/option's form-factor would be manifest typically
as an Opacity Glider aka a selectable |adjustable progress bar; nor, for that
matter, is there evidence of any semblance of a percentage (%) transparency
scroll bar nor an expectable like prompt data-entry field, of any description,
which conceivably would execute a "layer's desired fade user-specification
(opacity)" aka a amiss is any Layer Opacity adjustment tool (if such does in
fact already exist) access point(s), whatsoever.
Despite CIRCULAR narratives communicated on this, GIMP's official site, and
among the posts of those others created by or in service to | contributed to by
GIMP enthusiasts, there exists no CLEAR nor MEANINGFUL ADDRESS as to how one
MAKES APPARENT aka would ACCESS ie, access point(s) for Layer Opacity: neither
by mouse clicking nor by eg, shortcut keys entry navigation/specification, for
such a Layer Opacity tool access point(s).
II. Again, when no such tab/sub-tab/path/palette link/hot
button/menu/sub-menu/relevant-other-tab/data entry field prompt |
window/mini-portal can be readily found to exist among one -- and ideally in
more than one -- access point and by more than one navigational path -- GIMP's
version (again, v. 2.8.6) is rendered effectively useless for layered imagery
work; user satisfaction spirals downward rapidly after a work-around search --
proves counter-intuitive ie, poor anticipatory GUI provisioning, or within the
application ie, its Help and/or its User Guide index, and/or among online forums
-- exceeds 5, 10, 30, 60, 120 minutes.
FIASCO is what that scenario spells: Why could GIMP's SMEs have failed on such
an imperative SDLC GUI, indexing and easy-access multi-cross-referencing
point(s) objective for this version's release?
And what, if any, work-around, for Layer Opacity tool access point(s) within the
application, for selection of a layer(s) desired opacity display aka fade level,
would be advised, if, in fact, said does exist as a viable tool (just not easily
nor readily accessed) within GIMP 2.8.6? Why the Layer Opacity access point(s)
Welcomed would be directions as to any navigation(al) path for said Layer
Opacity tool access point(s). NONE is (access point) | are (access points)
currently apparent under GIMP's 2.8.6 banner | top-level ribbon | panel of
Primary Tabs, nor is such evident within its sub-tabs nor User Guide's Index nor
tutorials nor blogosphere.
{ASIDE 2 of 2: in fact, Layer Opacity should appear in, so addressed, in both
the very beginning of the User Guide, and then latter in the specific Layers
section .... but in a more detailed explication, within the latter] nor those
tabs' secondary tabs, nor, for that matter under any tertiary-level tabs.
Primary Tabs, namely, Tools, Layer, View nor any their "cross-linked sub-tabs"
to other tab/sub-tab/path/palette link/hot
button/menu/sub-menu/relevant-other-tab/data entry field prompt |
window/mini-portal | option(s) | location(s) avails a sort of Layer Opacity
Adjustment tool, whatsoever.}
Lack of any easy-access point(s) aka obscure Layer Opacity (eg, a % glider)
tool(s) blemishes one's entire would-be GIMP user-experience. Address of said
shortcomings is URGENTLY needed, as recommended.
Again the question persists: "Is there a reset button (virtual) and/or Command
Key Combo and/or some other keystroke Shortcut Key combo, for immediate access
point(s) for Layer Opacity specification?
If so, kindly direct me as to its access procedure: again, I am attempting to
use GIMP v. 2.8.6.
I recall vividly, from years ago, that upon my initial GIMP v. 2.6 trial, in
fact, readily apparent were an array of access points | paths for/to GIMP's
Layer Opacity tool | dialogue field(s). Among that tool's access options was a
sub-tab option under Primary Layer Tab, which could also be accessed from Tools
Tab's sub-tabs, as well as comforting was the fact that said automatically
appeared as an option palette in Toolbox's adjustable-size tool-box | "floating
icon" column. Several online forum contributors mention that | similar
functionality for v 2.6.
Where and how do I access | activate Layer Opacity tool: either % glider and/or
keystroke entry of desired layer % fade render; unable to find said.
One would think that GIMP management/development/administrative SMEs OUGHT TO
seriously consider my GUI Change Requests, and answer my queries,  SINCE Layer
Opacity is a PRIMARY aka FUNDAMENTAL image manipulation requisite ... and
OBSCURE ACCESS POINT(s) [anything other than, at least, immediate sub-tab access
from the Primary Layer Tab and the Tools Tab seems counter-intuitive, poor GUI
and an utterly ridiculous would-be user nuisance] simply do not make the grade
with would-be user communities.
Additionally, the '"clouded Layer Option access point(s)", detailed above,
pervades all current relevant online instruction content; that would-be
educational GIMP instructional content, for Layer Opacity access point(s)
navigation is amiss; that dearth of plain language information/directions bodes
dark days for GIMP's prospects at garnering new users or retaining user
Currently, online (anywhere) goes wanting for a clear, concise and expedient
answer | directive ........... such goes begging; and, that multi-faceted matter
bespeaks serious, if not utterly fatal GIMP application, GUI and User Guide
design flaws. Shortcomings of that significance likely silently and
unrelentingly go unaddressed, overlooked and/or "lightly dismissed", which,
unwittingly, turns off legions of would-be eager converts to GIMP from other
imaging software.
Do what you can to remedy those flaws, and kindly advise, ASAP.
Thank you for your replies to my Layer Opacity access point(s) information

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