This has gone WAY off topic. To get back on topic, now it takes at least half an
hour for GIMP to start up for me. I can think of nothing that has changed since
the time when it only took 2 minutes to start up every time. Now it's almost as
if the process of querying every plugin at start up, has to wait for each query
to time out. I uninstalled and re-installed GIMP but it didn't have any effect.

Any idea when there will be a new release? I'd like to use GIMP but I just can't
with such a long delay at start up.

>I just started using GIMP. I like it so far but this query of plugins
>at startup bug takes about 2 minutes every single time I start up
>GIMP. I hope there is a fix for it soon.
>I'm running Windows XP with GIMP 2.8.6

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