On 08/30/2013 11:03 PM, legna80 wrote:
Hi there everybody :)

Well i've, been a gimp user since quite a time now, and always loved it over
photostop for doing all my work except for the one i love most, and thats
digital painting. My problem is the scaling of the brushes, ive tried everthing
but at the end i don't feel satisfied with the behavior of how gimp scales the
brushes pixel per pixel at time, its very slow working on large canvas, i know
there's the scale more shortcut but its not quite precise and swapping between
the normal scale shortcut with the scale more is a pain in the ass, at least for
me  because i barely use the keyboard so i rely heavily on my intuos 4 medium
tablet using the touch ring for scaling, so my questions are:

theres no way to have a similar  brush scale behavior similar to the one in
photoshop ? like it doesnt matter if im very zoomed in or very zoomed out, the
brush scales fast and precise

I dont remember where i read about this other shortcut called  increase brush
size relative, that is like a more precise way to scale the brush size but my
problem is why it does nothing after assigning a key to it ? well it does, on
the bottom where zoom percentage is located,to the right ive seen that it shows
the selected tool, and when i click the assigned key to the command i said
before it shows Brush Angel 0.00. why? im not trying to rotate the brush im
trying to scale it, maybe is a bug i dont know.

Anyways thats my issue guys, hope somebody can give me any advice for this.

I usually only want one of 3 or 4 sizes.  I've written a plug-in which (among 
other things) allows you to cycle through specific brush size presets (eg 10, 
20, 40, 80) (and define your own).  I have it bound to one of my side buttons.

See if it helps:

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