Am 31.08.2013 12:21, schrieb Ofnuts:
> How would you identify a layer on the canvas? The topmost 
> non-transparent one (like the Move tool uses)?

that's a tough question. And where to set the opacity threshold when choosing 
from multiple layers
that contribute to the pixel under the cursor?

Things become worse with blend modes like multiply, when there is no way to 
determine which layer is
on top just by looking at the canvas. For example, a bottom black layer can 
appear as if it were on
top of a multiply-mode layer:

On the solutions side, it has been suggested to tilt the canvas in 3D to make 
the layer stack
This scheme works surprisingly well for analysing the hierarchical structure of 
HTML documents:

One might also think of digging into the layer stack analogous to digging into 
the earth which
reveals the stratigraphy of rock layers.

just brainstorming,

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