I just wanted to spread the word about freedomsponsors.org in that

There are users who have put bounties on several bugs and features - I
think it is a great way for gimp users to show their support for the
voluntary team. The best thing is that anyone who wants to do so can
easily sign up for a bug and do the necessary work to receive the
bounties (provided the solution lives up to people's requirements).

You can also propose to work on a bug/feature there - and you don't really have 
to have an account, just sign up through Google/BitBucket/Github/twitter/yahoo.

Just thought I would share.


On Tue, 2013-09-17 at 07:18 +0200, FallenLegend wrote:
> As you know there is a popular request for the gimp team to do a crowdfunding
> effort. With the hpotetical money they could raise, they could easily get more
> manpower to
> 1.-Finish their longterm goals faster (I am looking at you gimp 2.)
> 2.-Implement the changes they want
> 3.-Implement new improvements and feautures we want.
> If "hypotethically" the gimp team accepted a kickstarter/crowdfunding effort,
> wich feautres would you want the most.
> Pleas post area and idea
> example
> Painting/ More brush dynamics and control.
> Photography/antiblur tool (I just made that up)
> The goal is to give the gimp team an idea of what they could focus on provided
> they ever accept crowdfunding as on one email I sent them there was the issue 
> on
> deciding wich features to focus on.
> Have fun!

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