On Thu, Oct 24, 2013 at 7:44 AM, VGus wrote:
> So I've finally upgraded to GIMP 2.8, finding that .abr was native. I've
> downloaded thousands of brushes, only a hundred work, MAYBE. I'm confused
> because even the brushes that are not in .abr form do not work. Also, 
> sometimes
> if I try to fix the brushes by uninstalling and reinstalling there will be
> random ones that work and then old ones disappear?

ABR isn't native. It's Photoshop's file format, and not all revisions
of that file format are supported.

Also, I don't understand this part: "even the brushes that are not in
.abr form do not work". That makes no sense :) If you download some
arbitrary file, why would it work? If those were GIMP's GBR brushes,
that would be an entirely different thing, of course, but you didn't
provide a clue :)

So, I'm afraid, you will need to elaborate a bit on the files you are
talking about.

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