>ABR isn't native. It's Photoshop's file format, and not all revisions
>of that file format are supported.
>Also, I don't understand this part: "even the brushes that are not in
>.abr form do not work". That makes no sense :) If you download some
>arbitrary file, why would it work? If those were GIMP's GBR brushes,
>that would be an entirely different thing, of course, but you didn't
>provide a clue :)
>So, I'm afraid, you will need to elaborate a bit on the files you are
>talking about.
oh I'm sorry, I read that wrong somewhere. Okay, NOT native.
I'm not sure what format they are in but it's the brush that you can see, I
believe it is jpg or png.
Typically the brushes I use that I'm not sure are in .abr format are just a
white page in the brushes.
However, the ones that worked on 2.6 for me, are the brushes that you can see
the image.
I've attached a link to show you what I meant, I hope it helps.

* http://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/76/original/see.png

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