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> Hello
> Running Gimp 2.8.6 on Ubuntu 13.10, 3Gb RAM, 1.6Ghz dual core laptop.
> Gimp has been working just fine until two or so weeks ago, around the same
> time that 13.10 became live. I had been running 13.10 in beta for a few
> months before that. All updates installed, even tried to un-install and
> re-install Gimp.
> Still opening Gimp at normal speed, but now the menu (File - Edit - Select
> etc) takes around 10 or more seconds to appear and the drop down takes around
> 2-3 seconds to render. If I can remember the short cut, I can use them
> without the wait. When I switch from another program its menu is displayed
> for a while. Often have to wait for longer to get the menu back.

Does it also happen in a new UNIX user account? What is your desktop
environment? Please report those things in the Ubuntu bug that you will file.


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