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1) how to select a part of photo to edit it?

With the selection tools, like Rectangle Select, Ellipse Select etc.
In our [online help] you find all the answers you need.

2) how to place something like a fuzzy glass to cover a face?

With one of the filters, i.e. Glas Tile, Cubism or GIMPressionist
could be your friends. Perhaps you also find something suitable in the
[GIMP Plugin registry].

3) how to remove the unwanted parts of  a photo?
( example, there is a person in a room, how to remove all the
background(furnitures), but only keep the person in the photo)

There's a tutorial:


4) where is the liquify filters, I can not find it in the filters list.

In the Distorts filter group use the IWarp filter.

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[online help]: http://docs.gimp.org/2.8/en/
[GIMP Plugin registry]: http://registry.gimp.org/
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