>Hopefully, it is permissible to post on this problem here.
>I downloaded/installed the PPA for Gimp 2.9.1.  It worked great for
>the first half dozen 16-bit tiffs.
>I use a few RAW converters to create these tiff tiles, RawTherapee,
>UFRAW, and the Sony software supplied with my A700 DSLR, Image Data
>Converter running through Wine.
>At any rate, most of the tiffs I create now cause Gimp to crash when
>opening new files.  I get this message:
>Plug-in crashed: "file-tiff-load"
>Opening '/home/caruso/Desktop/PHOTOS from IDC/DSC06219.tif' failed:
>Files created previously continue to open as normal.
>What could be the problem.
>I was so thrilled to have succeeded in installing 2.9.1 on my system,
>but now may have to uninstall it and fall back to 2.8.x.
>I realize that 2.9.1 is experimental and unstable, but would like to
>know if this is something simple that can be fixed.
>Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Hi, Caruso,

IMHO the Gimp developers have done their work. Please update to the current
version from my PPA:

I hope this helps

I try to reproduce your issue.



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