On 23.11.2013 19:37, scl wrote:
> On 23.11.2013 at 7:34 PM Joel Glatthard wrote:
>> Hello there, I have this problem.
>> I'm using a graphics tablet with gimp and that works perfectly well.
>> After
>> I start Join.me It goes random. The strokes becom ugly, pressure is no
>> longer supported and it starts to change vaious tool-settings. I really
>> like to share my work. is there anything I can do?
> We know of some spooky UI behaviour with some screen recorders and
> if you mean [Join.Me], the screen sharing from PCs to iPads software,
> your problem could be related.

And it would be important to let its developers know about that problem
- they may have some idea what is causing this, and where it can be fixed.

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