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> Subject: [Gimp-user] Save v Export behaviour
> More useful I think would be a 
dialog which identified for what I was about to lose (transparency, 
layers or whatever) in the target format, and then accepted my decision 
(and cleaned whatever dirty flag is set on edits) if I clicked ok.  
Harder to implement though I imagine.

Telling you what you'd lose is precisely what 2.6 did.  It was a useful trivia 
but it's not really relevant to 2.8's save/export model.

Cleaning the 'dirty' flag after export isn't going to happen - there is a 
user-made GIMP plug-in that will do this for you (it adds an "Export & Clean" 
type command to the File menu) but the core behavior isn't negotiable :(

Tip: From 2.8 (.4 I think) onward will inform you if there are no changes since 
the last export; the warning message will inform you the file was recently 
exported so you can use this to make your own judgement about whether it's safe 
to close.

There is however a GIMP plug-in that does an export and cleans the dirty flag, 
but the core behavior is not 
-- Stratadrake
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