On Mon, 2013-12-09 at 10:50 +0000, Andrew & Bridget wrote:
> [...]t I have noticed a strange brush size 
> max (10000.00) this makes it difficult to increase and decrease brush 
> sizes using wacom keys or pen as the increments are just too high. Can 
> this be edited anywhere to reduce the brush size to 1:100 rather than 
> 1:10000.

I used to patch gimp to set the max to 1,000px, since the default was
too small (255? I forget) and I routiney use brushes that are of the
order of 300px across.

The non-linear sliders made that useable.

With a keyboard you can bind [ and ] to increase/decrease and { and } to
increase/decrease by 10px, but I don't know about using tablets.

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