Carusoswi <> writes:

>I run IDC using the Crossover front end of wine, and have also run IDC directly
>in wine in the past.  It works perfectly in either setup.  I have also 
>Irfanview which I prefer to use in previewing my ARW images.  Often, I use
>Irfanview to batch convert ARW's to Tiff, then open directly in Gimp.  I know I
>sacrifice some degree of precision in this, but most of the shots I process 
>way are simple snaps in familiar surroundings and, in my view, do not require
>the added precision that opening and processing in IDC might offer.

>IDC operating from Wine is no faster, but no slower in response than it is in
>Windows.  My understanding is that IDC offers to the RAW shooter those
>processing advantages that the in-body processing can offer the JPEG shooter. 
>Since I never use the JPEG file format except when uploading to the web, in
>practice, I rarely find an image that significantly benefits from processing
>through IDC.

>I have not experienced the problem you describe with UFRAW, so can offer you no
>assistance there.

>Sorry to hear that you are having a problem.  IDC via Wine would definitely be 
>workaround worth trying, I believe.

>Good luck.



Thanks for all the good suggestions.  I'll look into these other programs.


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