The abillity to resize the brush just by dragging the mouse/stylus by pressing a

That's it is all I ask as a painter.... the lack of this feauture is the reason
painting on gimp is super frustating.

>Hey, I am a gimp user and am working for a few days with this new
>funding platform where new features for Free and Open Source Software
>can be funded one by one.
>The first Gimp feature is ready to fund: it is a cool symmetry
>tool, it would make a great addition to the software.
>You can donate anything from €1 up here:
> - also, you would get
>test the feature and feedback before your donation goes through :)
>I hope to get some more features up there soon: which features would
>donate too if you could? What functions are really urgently needed in
>GIMP? What creative stuff would you LOVE to do that isn't possible
>Let me know ;)

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