Richard ( wrote:
> > Edit > Preferences > Input Controllers.  Picture worth thousand
> > words:
> That's indeed awesome, however, various OS's (like Windows) trap the
> Alt key for menubar activation

Note that the preferences dialog in this screenshot allows you to assign
the tools-paint-brush-scale-increase action to a different controller

> On which note, I am occasionally frustrated that pressing
> the ALT key in a GTK2+ app does not activate the menubar like every
> Windows user expects it to.

Hmm, for me (as a Linux user) pressing ALT underlines the
menu-navigation-shortcuts in the menu. Hitting the underlined keys then
enters the menu navigation mode and you can navigate the menu using the
cursor keys or the underlined letters.

> This is a major suckage on the UI too (esp. if it's not
> reconfigurable), because alt key sequences are just as strong a habit
> as Ctrl+shortcut keys are.

I am not really familiar with the typical windows program, but is this
about the difference between (for creating a new image from the

<press alt> <release alt> f t c    (probably works in a windows program)


<press alt> f <release alt> t c    (works for me in linux gimp)


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